Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Foodie Journal Project

hi everyone,
does anyone know my lil secret? or its not a secret ? hehe
uuuhmm, am kind addicted to food 
yes, you can define me for scrapbook and foodie lover.
and am kind of a lil bit workaholic, hehehe. so simple, isn't it?

defining my hobby for scrapbook (espc. 3D project) and food, 
and combined it into a project is a different story.
to be honest, this project is away toooo long to be published.
exactly one year from executing an idea, making model, looking for the embellishment,
proper papers that defining the vintage look (that reminds me of old kitchen), and how 
I came up with final result, is really really frustrating for me.

the main idea came when me and my bestie alice,
 talked about making our project together,
and that was kitchen theme from the beginning.
 she help me much much for this project,
and to be honest, the main embellishment was all her idea and effort.
 many thanks, bestie! 
I make the model for vintage cabinet 
and search for the best papers that describe the project.
and in the middle of it, many this and that came, so this project is postponed, 
and lack of mojo almost made me wanna gave up.
Alice also lost her mojo, and many things in between that came up to us, 
like the crazy deadlines of producing boxes (for me)
 and also for Alice starting her overseas study councilor office, 
really made us can't communicate well, 
and she told me to going solo finishing the project.
but I must write this,
 to honor her for the initial help, and this project won't make it
 if its not of her help and idea. 

mojo came back when my son, Danny had a clay miniature class, and his first project
was making bread, croissant, buns, and every lil thing that related again to my postponed project.
thanks Danny! you really save me this time, hehe

so if you see the bakery part that attached to the kit, yep, its Danny's work! so proud of him!

so, thats such a long story, please don't get bored,since I will showing you the result with this following pictures:

this is a traditional scrapbook and modelling clay united in one project.
so there's a album to write all the foodie journal or just a secret recipes,
and there's a mini cabinet that I can proudly put in my desk.
hope you find it interesting, and inspire you to make your own model.

thanks for stopping by, 

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