Tuesday, May 14, 2013

12thTobucil Event : Crafty Days#7

for the second time, Scrappetizer got an honor for being chosen by Tobucil n Klab's annual event, Crafty Days as participant. 
big thanks also for  mba Tarlen and crew who has been coordinating the event so smoothly and gained a bigger  success this year.
more participants (40 booths), the representative building, more visitors, and the more the merrier right? :D
here's a snippet of pictures taken during the days:

day 1, my recenty creation for scrappetizer and clay miniature work by my son, Danny

some of my fabric binder album

my son, Danny's limited edition of miniature Indonesia traditional cake
his first selling experience to strangers he met during the event
Caroline, Claudine (both from Bengkimut), Me, ms Miming and Meyliana (my little projects)
me and Danny

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