Sunday, April 21, 2013

2012 Story

I finished my 2012 story in a album last Feb,
 and haven't got the right time to publish it.
Too many here and that, sigh..
well, since now I have the spare time doing publishing, 
here's my story

a lil bit about this album :
I stumbled upon pop up card and doing a lil research about how they will cooperate with the story.
so for the first time, I choose the paper first and cooperate 2 collections of October Afternoon (5&Dime and Farm House ) to use in.
and then, making various of pop up cards to incorporate story from each month.

here's the detail:
the luggage that contain 2012 story album


see how I sew the mica film using coptic binding technique? 
am quite impressed by the result ! 
details month by month:
january story
can you see my pop up frame? 

February Story
the explotion card once taught by Ria Nirwana 
march story
details for march

the april story
still using the explotions card for this april story
May Story

found this picture from pinterest, and made it to my sept cover. love it!

details for sept!

I hope you enjoy it peeps..! 
Have a lovely day everyone :D



  1. Ngeliatnya tahan nafas ini..kelas berat bangeet

    1. Haha albumnya emang berat.. Sekilo an hihihi, makasih ya Tia udah mampir di blog aku.. Hugs !!

  2. Replies
    1. Halo Meilina, thank you for visiting and leave your sweet comment here !

  3. mantabbb...!!!
    keren ci albumnya.

    1. Ayo dibuat juga ya, kalo teknik sih pasti Ana lebih ngulik! Hehe

  4. woaaaa...keren abissss Isur...!!!
    gileee.....teknik & designnya superb!!!

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