Wednesday, September 26, 2012

foodie journal

hi there !
well its been months I don't blog.
sorry for the long delay, since the current issue lately was surrounded
 by mostly my daily business (am making customized boxes) 
so I don't scrap much lately. hehe

lately my life  just based on working, family, and foodie adventure at weekend.
and oh one more, Korean Drama Movie, lol (tell you, never ever involve on this, 
unless you have no work to do, but for me, can't help :D)
yes, no serious scrapbook at all. 
miss it so much but don't know what to scrap, what to make. :(
but when the mojo came visit me once a while , I would love to scrap!
this time he came with Made With Love Indonesia's scrapbooking challenge
and with my favorite topic: foodie adventure !! 
thanks MWL, hehe, since I have sooo many pics of  "makan-makan" time,
just haven't scrap it seriously into layout.

here's my favorite part of foodie adventure :

i think of the quote first, and then the rainbow cake theme instantly fit this quote,
and the rest of it seems more simple after that.

the hand drawing by Danny, my lovely son, isn't this cuuuute?

adding crackle accent to the cloud,  I looove october afternoon die cut sooo much

still, hand drawing by Danny
                                        here's my other favorite foodie adventure, Tea Time
first time, having High Tea with my closest friend 

 Tea is my middle name, lol

I love the rose, and it directly reminds me of Suffolk House, Penang

love the Tea Pot paper clip !!

thank you for stopping by,

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