Saturday, June 16, 2012

another 12x12 scrapbook layout jumping hi and low !
*can you see me? hehe
its all because my mojo is back
so happy can have my luxury time scrapping my fav photos
in 12x12 layout forms.

actually am kinda scrapper who like mini album 
that can store a lot of "same moment taken"pictures,
but there's always come time to save one or two photos left,
and make it 12x12 layout. 

and here it is, latest of my favorite:
this picture have a remarkable moment that needs to be treated well.
hehe you can see the whole story on Me, Myself and I Scrapbooking Workshop.

and still in the spirit of making layout,
now its the time for long delay of bunting idea:

what I love is this is the color I want exactly in my mind lately.
and its coming from tiny bits of my paper scrap.
combining it with the embellishment that
I was so lucky winning it fromSt Patrick's Instagram Blog Hop. hehe
thank you Leena and Jamie Lee for your generous goodies ! 

see the bunting I am talking about? 
I like the layered bunting for sure!
and the gorgeous flower is the one I got from Jamie, isn't it lovely?
the doilies also came from Leena as my giveaway goodies.

the goodies I was lucky enough to have is this:
*not mentioning this to make you jealous haha
this lovely goodies came from  Leena

and this one came from Jamie, adorable isn't it?

thank you for reading this, hope you all get inspired and make something your own.

bye, Isur


  1. Loving ur layouts! Beautiful :)

  2. Yes I love the layered bunting too! Love Leena's goodies! I bought a few pkgs of flair/buttons & doilies from her shop a few weeks ago! I'm in love! =)

  3. dear Michelle and Julie Garcia-Matus, thank you ladies, it really encouraging me to make more layouts.
    about the buttons, yes how could someone resist something sweet and cute like that? love it so much

  4. love the banners on your layouts. they anchor the photos so beautifully on the page