Monday, May 28, 2012

Me, Myself, and I 
{a mixed media scrapbooking workshop}

it all began in the mid of April, when someone named Felicia
from Arti Craftstore contacted me for arranging a scrapbook workshop 
for their store 1st anniversary.

and in the midst of chaostic situation between Inacraft Exhibition and
Tobucil Crafty Days, and a never ending deadlines from my regular 
box making at that time, I spontaneously say yes to Felicia.

hahaha. i don't even think to step back, 
for me, I just go with the flow.
and after a quite long conversation with Felicia, 
we choosed the mixed media scrapbooking to be 
introduced as my workshop on behalf of Arti Craftstore.

so, I told her I can make special design of my binder album,
all from high quality canvas just for them.

Felicia later, which I found have the same vision,
style, way of working, and sometimes we even can make 
some telephatic conversation with just a blink. haha
like this situation, when I proposed the title "me, myself and I" 
to her as the main title for this workshop, and 
she was shocked, and texted me that she just want text the same 
word to me. Gratefully, I can feel that we can make a long
good relationship in times ahead with her. 

here's some photo of that workshop:




with Felicia

in front of the Arti Craftstore,  located at the 3rd floor of Galaxy Mall, Surabaya

look! my banner in front of the store..

with Felicia, Lydia, Monica, at Zangrandi
thank you gals for your showing your generous hospitality

thank you Arti Craftstore for everything.
I really treasure your "beyond measured"hospitality, 
and trusting me handling the workshop for you.
its really an honor for me can collaborate ,
  and feeling grateful for the beginning of 
new friendship in times ahead.

and my special thanks for all the participants who came into this workshop, 
really feel blessed surrounded by you all and can sharing some knowledge 
to you, I do hope you all get something useful from this workshop.
will be posting another section with all of the ladies, 
because  I was so busy handling the workshop
 that I don't have time to document it myself.
you can email me to 
in case you can share our time together there.

big hugs to you all,

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