Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crafty Days #6 @ Tobucil, Bandung

its my 1st timer for being participant  at any craft bazaar.
feeling nervous *of course.. yet super excited

Tobucil annually make crafty days, and this is their 6th event.
and I feel blessed because they strictly choosed 15 participants from 35 applicants who applied.
and since their approval mail to me, my world just seem turning upside down,
preparing all the goods to offer @ the bazaar. LOL

here's some detail of the event:

my booth in the morning. still fresh huh?

what am I offering? 3D scrapbooking concept, my speciality..hehe

as a first timer of participant, hehe, and posing with my wall decor art.

this is Jane Tanggalung, in front of her beautiful work of doodling bamboo storage.

hand doodling bamboo storage by Jane. lovely!

Willy is the man behind my Scrappetizer's logo, with her niece, Tasya

Jane, Claudine, Ria, me, Yen Ling, as fresh as morning sun !

mba Lina's surprise visit

with mba Vina and her daughter, Putri, and my partner Yen Ling

a bazaar without not googling around? thats not me !

what an unforgetable moments
thank you for reading this post.
I will going back with another story of my next scrapbooking class. :D

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