Wednesday, March 7, 2012

memory box tutorial

someone named Dawn Hernandez had emailed me 3 weeks ago,
 and asked if I could share a memory box tutorial for her.
She is working as a nurse, and her resident  mostly have Alzheimer's
and she thinks that this would be a great activity for them with their families.
and of course I say yes, since it is helpful for others.
my pleasure. :D

so here I am now, after thinking for a while
about the big theme and the trinkets I wanna put in the box

so for me, my story is about crafting, fabrics, making, tea time, and nature.
I named it "Things I Love"

Here's the result:

the first thing we should do is preparing for the material:
the stackable memory box

gel medium, brush, beacon 3 in 1 glue, and craft glue like Elmer's

since I choosed the craft theme (sewing especially) I picked up my old fashion pattern magazine
and cut some for making backgrounds

if you're dealing with non acid free papers like used magazine paper, 
you have to glue it with gel medium.
 it will not yellowing and making your background secure.

always be sure to put the top coat of your background using gel medium too.

gather the other material 
for me it means spool, paper, some coordinated stickers, buttons, charms, flowers
and also some quote you find it useful for the project.

here's the detail of the result:

hope you all find this tutorial useful
if there's any question about this tutorial, simply email me to

and yes, I am also making the memory box, I can send it internationally.

thanks for stopping by,
regards, Isur


  1. haduuuhhh kereennn bangetttttttt :) 4 thumbs up

  2. I love everything in this shadow is so gorgeous. where in Indonesia do you live? I would love to go to Indonesia again. I have been to Bali, only Bali...keen to go to Bandung or Jogjakarta (not sure the spelling), Jakarta, Borobudur, Lombok and Bali again as I love the Mount Batur scenery!!! Thanks for following me over at IG. I am sure, I will be back again and visit your blog. Hugs

  3. This is so beautiful and creative! I love
    It, and I'm inspired to try making my own!:) thank you for this fabulous tutorial!!! :D