Sunday, February 12, 2012

story of Indonesia

this is an art journal about my beloved country, Indonesia

its Caroline Najoan and Claudine Patricia's scrapbook class,
which I attend every saturday morning at Tobucil, Aceh 56, Bandung
who asked the participant making something artsy about Indonesia
and provided us with batik, chipboard, the embellishment, wayang stick

and my mind run wild after that.

firstly I don't know what I should tell and write about this journal
other participant made some stories about their childhood living as Indonesian
while other made a story about her daughter
me? I have some of finished projects theme family, year book, my son,
but scrapping about myself is not fun anymore.
I want to make something different this time by using my observation
about Indonesia through Google.
and from Google, I must admit, I can't stop making voices like uh and oh
and seeing vintage pictures of Indonesia really making me digging deeper,
digging to another vintage pictures of Indonesia.

Indonesia is way too wide for me to explain
shortly, I am focusing to the vintage picture of native Indonesian circa 1910
and searching some remarkable culture that had been awarded by UNESCO
as our country heritage.
and focusing to tell about my fav city in Indonesia. Bandung.
yes. my home town.
and some journaling of course why I love Indonesia.
{in my very own opinion}

here it is , my opinion and exploring arts
dedicated to my beloved country, Indonesia

so for this valentine day, this is how I express my love to you, dear Indonesia.


  1. Isurrrr....keren banget!!!!!! I ♥ Indonesia too!

  2. hihihi maap yaaa teman2..aku jarang benernya buka blog..makasiiiiih banget buat komennya..*peluksatupersatu

  3. wah, you live in Bandung....!! I heard there are a lot of scrapbook stores in Bandung plus it is shopping haven. My younger brother is going there in May and I want to tag along but I just had no clue where to stay...nice album by the so gorgeous!