Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bon Voyage Journal

hello readers,
I will end up 2012 with showing you my latest mini albums 
containing my trip to Penang last June.
when I went travelling, as  a story keeper for myself
 also for my group, 
there are always bunch of 
brochures, tickets, hotel card key, etc that I bring home to put in my latest journal.

this year, inspired by airmail and the envelope, 
I make one giant envelope box to accomodate my whole memorabilia
 in one box, should measure up this and that, and ta daa, here's the result :

1 giant envelope box and 1 mini envelope accordeon album !

here's a lil sneak peak of what I put inside the mini album :

thank you for stopping by, Isur

Sunday, October 14, 2012

CSI Files #41

hello, here's my second layout for CSI case #41
the color pallette challenge this week has softer tone than the previous one, 
and I really love it

so, after reading the challenge's rule, I've already know which stashes should be grabbed first

I choose Sweet Dream as the title, and "dear Lizzy" Neapolitan was instantly on my mind !
the picture of my husband and son was perfectly match to the title
and I add "Fly up to the Sky" to make a wish that someday hope their dream will come true.

here's what I've been working last night:

thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration #40

Lately I challenge myself scrapping,now with the help by CSI, they provide weekly scrapbooking challenge that inspires you to try new colors schemes and to tell your stories. Case Files provide inspiration that will get you thinking about scrapbooking in a whole new way.

and their challenge for this week is : 

and here what I come up with: 

thanks CSI, it is so fun playing colors with you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

foodie journal

hi there !
well its been months I don't blog.
sorry for the long delay, since the current issue lately was surrounded
 by mostly my daily business (am making customized boxes) 
so I don't scrap much lately. hehe

lately my life  just based on working, family, and foodie adventure at weekend.
and oh one more, Korean Drama Movie, lol (tell you, never ever involve on this, 
unless you have no work to do, but for me, can't help :D)
yes, no serious scrapbook at all. 
miss it so much but don't know what to scrap, what to make. :(
but when the mojo came visit me once a while , I would love to scrap!
this time he came with Made With Love Indonesia's scrapbooking challenge
and with my favorite topic: foodie adventure !! 
thanks MWL, hehe, since I have sooo many pics of  "makan-makan" time,
just haven't scrap it seriously into layout.

here's my favorite part of foodie adventure :

i think of the quote first, and then the rainbow cake theme instantly fit this quote,
and the rest of it seems more simple after that.

the hand drawing by Danny, my lovely son, isn't this cuuuute?

adding crackle accent to the cloud,  I looove october afternoon die cut sooo much

still, hand drawing by Danny
                                        here's my other favorite foodie adventure, Tea Time
first time, having High Tea with my closest friend 

 Tea is my middle name, lol

I love the rose, and it directly reminds me of Suffolk House, Penang

love the Tea Pot paper clip !!

thank you for stopping by,

Monday, June 18, 2012

winner of Summer Instagram Blog Hop

     drum roll please................
and the winner goes to:

Sharmandeswari Nidyanandan | shamu_rueben :

please send me your detail address to my email :

congrats dear, hope you like it.. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

another 12x12 scrapbook layout jumping hi and low !
*can you see me? hehe
its all because my mojo is back
so happy can have my luxury time scrapping my fav photos
in 12x12 layout forms.

actually am kinda scrapper who like mini album 
that can store a lot of "same moment taken"pictures,
but there's always come time to save one or two photos left,
and make it 12x12 layout. 

and here it is, latest of my favorite:
this picture have a remarkable moment that needs to be treated well.
hehe you can see the whole story on Me, Myself and I Scrapbooking Workshop.

and still in the spirit of making layout,
now its the time for long delay of bunting idea:

what I love is this is the color I want exactly in my mind lately.
and its coming from tiny bits of my paper scrap.
combining it with the embellishment that
I was so lucky winning it fromSt Patrick's Instagram Blog Hop. hehe
thank you Leena and Jamie Lee for your generous goodies ! 

see the bunting I am talking about? 
I like the layered bunting for sure!
and the gorgeous flower is the one I got from Jamie, isn't it lovely?
the doilies also came from Leena as my giveaway goodies.

the goodies I was lucky enough to have is this:
*not mentioning this to make you jealous haha
this lovely goodies came from  Leena

and this one came from Jamie, adorable isn't it?

thank you for reading this, hope you all get inspired and make something your own.

bye, Isur

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Instagram Blog Hop 

hellooow all, 
welcome to the Instagram Summer Blog Hop
thank you Jessy for all the efforts you've been put into, 
and this is the 2nd time she arrange for us, the Instagramers.

for my RAK (random act of kindness) I represent my latest favorite, batik fabric.
I love the "Garutan Batik" for its color, that always reminds me of summer.
and for this blog hop, I will give the lucky winner this 2 metres of yellow batik, 
and hope your days will always radiant as sunshine.. :D

Here's what you have to do to win:
  • Leave a comment on each blog.
  • At each blog, you will be directed to another blog. Be sure to visit and comment on each blog, to increase your chances of winning!
  • follow my blog and please be sure to write your email address so I can get back to you if u are win.
  • If you having Instagram, you can follow me @Isur.
this blog hop will end on June 17, 11:59pm PST
so hurry leave me a comment now :)

and don't forget to hop at the other blogs as well

here's the full team of participants:


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Amelia Khalik | ameliakhalik :

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Wati Basri | watibasri :

Monday, May 28, 2012

Me, Myself, and I 
{a mixed media scrapbooking workshop}

it all began in the mid of April, when someone named Felicia
from Arti Craftstore contacted me for arranging a scrapbook workshop 
for their store 1st anniversary.

and in the midst of chaostic situation between Inacraft Exhibition and
Tobucil Crafty Days, and a never ending deadlines from my regular 
box making at that time, I spontaneously say yes to Felicia.

hahaha. i don't even think to step back, 
for me, I just go with the flow.
and after a quite long conversation with Felicia, 
we choosed the mixed media scrapbooking to be 
introduced as my workshop on behalf of Arti Craftstore.

so, I told her I can make special design of my binder album,
all from high quality canvas just for them.

Felicia later, which I found have the same vision,
style, way of working, and sometimes we even can make 
some telephatic conversation with just a blink. haha
like this situation, when I proposed the title "me, myself and I" 
to her as the main title for this workshop, and 
she was shocked, and texted me that she just want text the same 
word to me. Gratefully, I can feel that we can make a long
good relationship in times ahead with her. 

here's some photo of that workshop:




with Felicia

in front of the Arti Craftstore,  located at the 3rd floor of Galaxy Mall, Surabaya

look! my banner in front of the store..

with Felicia, Lydia, Monica, at Zangrandi
thank you gals for your showing your generous hospitality

thank you Arti Craftstore for everything.
I really treasure your "beyond measured"hospitality, 
and trusting me handling the workshop for you.
its really an honor for me can collaborate ,
  and feeling grateful for the beginning of 
new friendship in times ahead.

and my special thanks for all the participants who came into this workshop, 
really feel blessed surrounded by you all and can sharing some knowledge 
to you, I do hope you all get something useful from this workshop.
will be posting another section with all of the ladies, 
because  I was so busy handling the workshop
 that I don't have time to document it myself.
you can email me to 
in case you can share our time together there.

big hugs to you all,