Thursday, December 15, 2011

story of 2011

since 2009, I always make an annual album to remind me what a journey I've been through.

Just completed "2011" last night, and can't wait to post it. *grin

enjoy the story
and urge you to make yours too

the cover

quotes behind the cover, it says:
Life is like a roller coaster,
it has ups and downs

the back cover quotes,
says: its your choice
to scream or enjoy the Ride!
the accordion album, with envelopes to storing tags
i loove tags!

1 tag for 1 month.
I use the tag for storing photos of the month.

or you can write a journaling behind the card.
this tag storing about 4 photos, just make mini page and attach it to the tag.
open it, and put more photos , right?

or you can put about 8 photos in 1 tag by doing the waterfall system.

see? 8 photos when you pull the tab. so FUN

make paper easle behind the photos, so you can flap the photos
and attach another photo behind the front photo

see? the unseen paper easle make you flap the photo easily.
and don't forget to always make some journaling too.
help my memory by journaling this in future years, I think. haha
story, story and story.
all about the moments I've been through.
someday when I open it again, it will bring the
good feelings

like my cousin's wedding
hey, it happened only once in the lifetime, right.
and its so good I can make it eternal in my album.

a story about my son's new hobby
name it from Smurf Village Game on iPhone,
comics, stationery, the 3D film that release this year.
what a SMURFY year, really!
or a story about my newborn niece, Valerie
save the memory, or I'll be sorry when its gone, right?

this album material taken from Crate Paper-Portrait Collections, and  Prima Marketing Inc. for flowers, and a lil' trinket from Tim Holtz.

well, so far that's my story until November.
still sorting photos of the best moments for December.

thanks for stopping by,

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  1. Kereeeeen........really love the album, and all the effort you put into it. *smooch*