Tuesday, October 4, 2011

being confident

last night I was having fun playing with my acrylic paint
I have an abandoned pretreated canvas for about 3 years
found it at the corner of the room, lol, so I grab it and 
add it with more layering before I start sketched a figure of a girl.

here's the result
Meet the Confident Girl
more close up:
the title

I added a folding flower from Sassafras, and it is so fit as her  cap
I love this girl
so much like me..hehe
sometimes inside of me I still think who I used to be
I used to be not confident at all 
and tend trying to be someone else
as I am growing older,
I have no choice instead becoming me
to accept "me"
and now I am brave enough to say no 
and brave enough to show the real me
where I was too shy and stand behind the curtain wall
and now, it is so OK for me if you don't agree with me too
because everybody is a unique one
and that is including me

so that why I call my painting:
"Now she finally make friend with herself"

be confident, whoever you are.

a lil' story bout myself 
by Isur


  1. Hi Isur...(Am I correct?)... It's a very cute picture you made... & thank you for visiting my blog :)

  2. Hi Shien.. thank you for your warm comment..I love your pretty cards too as well.. :D