Monday, July 4, 2011

Tin Maniac

I've been falling in love with tins since long time ago
but never had a chance to collect them, since I didn't put 
much attention to it, comparing to scrapbooking. LOL

but then I found a really cute one in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, Jakarta
Januari ago. it was from Jules Destrooper's Biscuit Tin, and actually
it has 3 variants of Tin, but I decided to buy only the cutes one. hehe

Here it is, my very first cute tin collection:
psst: the Jules Destrooper's biscuit is SUPER YUM!
Do try it when you have a chance..

and since then, there are more to come, hehe
this is the second tin I bought,  I really forgot the place's name, but it was
somewhere in Kemang's Supermarket.

cute huh? it is the miniature of vintage telephone's box,
 and contain English Breakfast Tea inside.
love the classic color!

and when I came visit Singapore this July,
what a surprise I can found soooo many tins in Harrods Store 
the store is located in Changi Airport, 
but my Singapore friend tell me, there's a huge store of Harrods
located in Takashimaya..ooh my!

look for the shape. 
and the vintage look.
for me, it is such a treasure!
the tins are containing so much 
goodies inside too,
yummy cookies
my fav all the time, Earl Grey Tea
and also Jelly Candy..
many thanks for my hubby for the understanding 
and letting me 
feeding my soul with this never too much goodies.
much love to you, hunny!

thanks for visiting my blog.
have a nice day everyone.


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  1. kalengnya lucu sekalih!!!! btw, di toko famous amos juga suka ada kaleng lucu loh mbak, biasanya paket ma cookiesnya^^