Friday, July 8, 2011

Handmade Bindery Album

there are so many blessing surrounding me these days.
one of them is a chance for having another trip with my best friend.
we laugh, play, sing, dance, share and celebrating our friendship
and making many memories captured along the journey

fyi, in my camera, for 4 days trip only
I found 404 photos in camera when I reached home.
*big grin.. until now I haven't print them yet.
have to think some kind of form to fit it all

ALL meaning photos (of course)
and all the tickets of places I went
boarding pass
and all the brochures I bring home
didn't forget the hotel room keys too
you name it, I got it. 

and since there are sooo many to be kept
for short, I will use bindery system 
for storing all my sweet memory.

here's the result:
this is handmade
using mostly the new travel series of paper I love
the K&Co "Around The World" series

I promise to upload sometime when I already have time  attaching photos into this premade album.

thanks for coming by,


  1. gw mah dipicenan euy sur.... kudunya dikumpulin kasi lu ya? hehehe
    kali aja dipangbikinin (

  2. waaa lebar atuh Lus, soalnya kalo 5 taon mendatang elu buka lagi asik jadinya, mengenang memori indah..hehehe
    pang ajarin mah mau lah..hahahah

  3. waaaaa mba Tarlen, so happy meet you here! thanks for stopping mba