Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mi Casa

Last month I made 10 scrapbooking kits plus the instruction, themed My Home
or Mi Casa in Spanish.. (love the rhyme, sounds exotic to me, LOL)

Thanks God, it is sold in 1 night only.
but oops, I just realized that some of the participants
maybe just like me, not the visual type person.
(ps: the non visual type person will not learning through seeing picture,
maybe some like me is a kinesthetic one, who will learning by doing)
Although I guided them with instruction sheets. hehehe

so if you can look a lil' bit closer, here's some additional clues.
for you who didn't get the kit, so sorry, but here's picture you can peek.
or maybe get inspired too..
(please be noted that inspired doesn't equal to copy-ing)..hehe

the whole kit contain 10 patterned papers only.
and from this kit, you can make 1 pcs of 12x12 layout, 1 mini accordion book, 
and altering the home box provided.
cool isn't it? I provide the kit with my own design chipboard too 
(that is door, window, dan signage)

the first design of the kit,
but later, I change the design of the door, to make it
more realistic one.
changing the design of door, adding windows
and a cutie signage, and cute fence.
looks better, isn't it? :D

the mini accordion book inside the "home"
this mini book contain almost 20 photos, trust me..:D
if you see the smurf, don't ask me where you can find it.
its a photo, I cut the picture and adding some glossy accent.
so the next time you want to add some personal embellishment,
you can use this technique.

added with journaling too!
hey do you see the cute fabric button?
it is khama khama's button. super cute for me.

the detail of mini accordion book

this album dedicated to my son's 9th birthday party.
a day when my whole (well, almost) family member can gather and have fun together.
love it.
the birthday boy ..
this is a gift for Danny from oom Akin..thank youuu..
meet my SMURF.
lucky me I collect them, because my son ask me
to make a SMURF theme for his birthday cake. :D

well, that's my son's 9th birthday party in a scrapbooking form.
looove it. 

thanks for stopping by, 


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friends are Family you choose, a 12x12 layout

Last night I made a 12 x 12 scrapbook layout
and this layout is dedicated to my closest group of friends, 
and for myself, I have been friends with them from 18 years ago.
beginning from my campus, Inge was the very first of Toels, 
and she was introducing me to her closest group, 
which is Dora, Lia, Ching, and Vitris.

Here we are now
so many sunshine,
yet there was some  shade too
between our friendship
let's say we've been through thick and thin..
and just as a roller coaster ride,
we choose to enjoy the ride..

Happy anniversary dearest Toels
may our friendship will last forever

here's how I layout my feeling.
we have this photoshoot by Welly, Inge's brother
He's so talented
make us prettier than usual..hahaha
thanks Wewey for understanding 
these funky ladies's need. (I mean: the narcism side of us)

material used: mostly from Cosmo Cricket Paper, "Circa 1934" series
font: Jillbean Soup, chipboard frame,
Wood Bingo Calendar Number from Maya Road
metal charms from many resources
Pink Paislee Artisan Elements

the crackle paint accent, using Tarnished Brass Crackle Paint by Ranger
this one also, using Stazon Black for coloring
and then using Rock Candy crackle paint for the effect.

see the angel charm? isn't he cute?

I used the photo as an envelope
to store the hidden journaling

the hidden journaling, front

the hidden journaling behind the title

Friday, July 8, 2011

Handmade Bindery Album

there are so many blessing surrounding me these days.
one of them is a chance for having another trip with my best friend.
we laugh, play, sing, dance, share and celebrating our friendship
and making many memories captured along the journey

fyi, in my camera, for 4 days trip only
I found 404 photos in camera when I reached home.
*big grin.. until now I haven't print them yet.
have to think some kind of form to fit it all

ALL meaning photos (of course)
and all the tickets of places I went
boarding pass
and all the brochures I bring home
didn't forget the hotel room keys too
you name it, I got it. 

and since there are sooo many to be kept
for short, I will use bindery system 
for storing all my sweet memory.

here's the result:
this is handmade
using mostly the new travel series of paper I love
the K&Co "Around The World" series

I promise to upload sometime when I already have time  attaching photos into this premade album.

thanks for coming by,

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tin Maniac

I've been falling in love with tins since long time ago
but never had a chance to collect them, since I didn't put 
much attention to it, comparing to scrapbooking. LOL

but then I found a really cute one in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, Jakarta
Januari ago. it was from Jules Destrooper's Biscuit Tin, and actually
it has 3 variants of Tin, but I decided to buy only the cutes one. hehe

Here it is, my very first cute tin collection:
psst: the Jules Destrooper's biscuit is SUPER YUM!
Do try it when you have a chance..

and since then, there are more to come, hehe
this is the second tin I bought,  I really forgot the place's name, but it was
somewhere in Kemang's Supermarket.

cute huh? it is the miniature of vintage telephone's box,
 and contain English Breakfast Tea inside.
love the classic color!

and when I came visit Singapore this July,
what a surprise I can found soooo many tins in Harrods Store 
the store is located in Changi Airport, 
but my Singapore friend tell me, there's a huge store of Harrods
located in Takashimaya..ooh my!

look for the shape. 
and the vintage look.
for me, it is such a treasure!
the tins are containing so much 
goodies inside too,
yummy cookies
my fav all the time, Earl Grey Tea
and also Jelly Candy..
many thanks for my hubby for the understanding 
and letting me 
feeding my soul with this never too much goodies.
much love to you, hunny!

thanks for visiting my blog.
have a nice day everyone.