Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Trip to Remember

this is the travel album I made last year
for my first time teaching scrapbooking
for 3 virgin scrapbooker ladies..a.k.a my friends 
who asked me to teach them about making their
first mini scrapbooking album.
thank you Merlin, Lea, and Vero, for this chance, that  because of you, now 
I'm brave enough to teach professionally..

the technique used is transfer paper, 
how to using glossy accent
and a lil' bit of misting.

if you look at the suitcase, and the word smile, that is the glossy accent effect I was introduced to them
and if you see the canvas fabric behind the word "trip", it was using transfer technique to fabric.
and a lil' bit of gessoing and misting, sorry I forgot to take a closer photo of it.

Everybody was happy at that moment, 
because they were newbie into scrapbooking
and it took more than 2 hours completing the cover only.
( I think I must be nervous at that time, since it was my first time teaching..LOL)
and I remembered that there was a lot of "uh" and "oh" word coming from me
such a unforgetable yet sweet memories...
thanks again ladies, for trusting me guiding you at that time.

but the second story I want to share is 
this is also my travel album with my dearest Toels
whom I shared joy, laughter along the journey.
it was the time we have to know each other more 
and makes us stronger today
it begin with this journey.

@ lift, so iconic don't you think? :)
here's us, @ Hard Rock Hotel, Bali 

after breakfast
still around Hard Rock Hotel, can you see the room key?
that's my specialty, to gather some of memorabilia, always.. :)
in front of the hotel, with the background of giant Radio and Guitar
don't you think we heart this hotel so much, that we didn't miss every single details? LOL
and don't forget to record what you feel about the photo, remember that
scrapbooking is meant to journal your sweet memory, so you have something
to tell  your next generation...
@ La Lucciola, Italian Restaurant Seminyak, ps: don't forget to attach some of the bills if you want to record every single details of your journey..

@ AYANA hotel, former was Ritz Carlton, should go there, it has  magnificent view.

still @ Ayana

girls night out..

well, I know this album is so simple yet there's not much of embellishment
being attached to beautify this album.
but it contains all the sweet of friendship we ever had
yet there's something missing here.
it was Dora, who can't make it into this journey
but I know someday, she will be joining us together again in our next trip.
it was never the same without her , really.
she lights up everywhere she go..

album used: handmade blue foam album, you can find it in Ria's BagusBagus Store.
Material Used: Webster's Pages, Seaside Retreat Collection
digi scrap paper, a lil' bit of rubs on, ribbon, brads, etc

thanks for stopping by, 

love, Isur

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