Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Memory Box Mania

Recently I fall in love with memory box.

The first memory box I created was in August 2010, and was used for Artsy Girl Weekend last November 2010, together with Ria and Alice. It was Ria's idea to get me preparing Memory Box for Artsy Girl's Class, weeew..that's my first experience teaching bigger group of ladies.. 
thank youu Ria for this big chance, I really feel grateful and honored really!
heheh tell you the truth, I felt very very nervous, that I have to talk in front of artsy girl I don't know them very well..kekekek..

So here's what I made last November 2010 with my very first memory box..
the theme is for Family, I made this to decorate my home, and now it is hanging perfectly in my living room.

and since then, I always look forward to make another one, and another one..
not perfect yet. 
but I want to hop to another style and another style..

here's the second one, and had been adopted by my crafty friends, mba Dwita. And I believe that she will take a good care of my baby..
I used the Crate Paper Collection for this second one, also another this and that from many sources.
loooove the chipboard! really feels like home, don't ya think?

and the third one, mentioned as a birthday present for my best friend
I do really hope she will like my vintage style, hehe, since I never created something with G45.
But I know that she really love G45, so I try my best to meet her taste..hehe
If you can read my style, I prefer a yummy vintage color, and not the dark one.
*hope you like it, Dora!

 using my Circa Collection from Cosmo Cricket, and sticker from 7 Gypsies and a lil this and that.
Love the sentiment from 7Gypsies, "the best thing in life aren't things, the best things in life are made with love". 100% Agree!
and now I still want to experiment with another one. I'll post when its done!

bye friends.
xoxo Isur

*oops..if you like my plain memory box, you can email me @ scrappetizer.yahoo.co.id
that's my home made memory box, and you can have it in kraft color or white one..
happy creating!


  1. I take care of the memory box, of course. It's such a beautiful creation, my friend... All the boxes are gorgeous.

  2. huaaa..mba Dwita..thank youuu so much for appreciating... I really feel grateful for it! xoxo

  3. Waaaaa........so beautiful, Sur.......not too dark, and still within your style for sure......lucky Dora......*jealous* hahahaha...........

  4. Surrr...your boxes are in my favorite stuff folder...they're all gorgeous!! =D