Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lovely Weekend with Iris Babao Uy

Supposely I will take Iris class @ Singapore with my dear friend Ria in January, but unfortunately that day was  also my brother's wedding. First thing first, right? hehehe
I can't bear rejected by my fam's clan only for a scrapbooking class..LOL

But somehow I still keep wishing to meet her personally since I love her clean and fresh layout she made for Webster. And I'm a "technique groupie", since I love to play with art media, Iris seems will answer my curiosity about the newest art medium technique she will bring.

And the dreams do come true when my dear friend Viny ask me to join Iris class in Bandung.
WOW.. I just can't believe myself that she personally really come to Bandung, my hometown, and not Jakarta, which means I don't have to spend another 2 hours travelling.
And the joyous part dearest hubby gave me a sweet surprise by saying that he will support me financially for Iris's class. This is the part I never imagine coming sweeeet of him.
  psst: I scrapbook for over 4 years and never bother him with my "scrapbooking affair".

The road seems open widely for me seeing Iris personally then.
can't stop smiling, can't stop feeling happy, it merely like a lil' girl having all the sweets she wants.
Thanks God for everything happened into my life.

So here's some happy moments I want to share with you all.
The lovely weekend with the master. LOVE IT.

day 1:


day 2:


  1. Ohmy....Isur...those are Beautiful projects!
    so jealous with you...met personally with one of webster's artis Iris :)
    Thanks for sharing your happiness with us :)

  2. hi Vera....yaaaa indeed its beautiful....although I'm not a "flower" person..but I'm so happy I can learn so much technique from her. Wait, she will coming to prepared! hihihi **