Thursday, February 24, 2011

today God wants me to know

.. that your soul wants the freedom to sing, dance, love. As your body needs nourishment - food, drink, sleep, so does your soul need nourishment - sing, dance, love. Life is not all work, work is not all hard toil. Nourish your soul with the food that is right for it, for it is the altar of your own inner temple.

yes, I think this quote is absolutely fit to me this time

something that is too much is not good
*affirmation to my self*

and that is including my hobby too, hahaha
from buying too much of scrap supplies.. :)
from my "scrap" affair every night
but how to stop if it feeding your soul  keep well stocked?
I don't know
I just go with the flow

dear God, I love you
for showing me so many good things around me
and that is not only things
it including my family and my friends too
especially my mom, who now have a lil' issue problem on her back problem
I have the best mom in the world, who understand and being the best supporter
really hope I can do the best for her too

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