Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LOVE GO-ROUND 3D scrapbooking workshop

so this is my initial public offering scrapbook workshop :)
and I'm thrilled to challenge myself this time by doing 3D scrapbooking

its a merry go-round actually, but I change a lil' bit of this type, so I can put my photo with my hubby ( love must be in the air while I make this prototype)

why Je t'Adore? 4 years into scrapbooking world I never do anything pink actually.. :)
but I love PINK! not kind of girlie pink, but this Je t'Adore collection is really hooked my eyes for sure..its not so girlie, but not so vintage too..
Sweet Romantic I prefer.. hahaha

and I will make this sweet merry go-round for my lovely cousin who planning to get married in this September (ssshh..she doesn't know that I'm planning this..cross your finger you will not tell her.. :)) )

and I think for some of scrappers maybe like to decorate home like I do.
and this love go-round ( I name my merry go-round like that) will be loved by other scrappers too, so I challenge myself to open the promotion into the public, maybe some scrappers will be interested doing this.  Just another view to show  scrapbooking field to others, I think.

and here's another clue for this workshop:
providing with everything you need to built your own mery go-round, including the pattern of it anytime you feel like making another one, you go!
from the patterned paper into baubles, I provide anything.

and this workshop will be held into 2 parts:
March 12, 2011
Time : 10-4 pm
Place: Gourmet World
Kemang Raya 66, Jakarta Selatan

April 2, 2011
Time 10-4 pm
Place : Kartika Sari Resto
Dago Street, Bandung

if you happen to like this workshop, you can email me at to book your space.
and I will happily show you every technique to built your own masterpiece !

c ya..

love from me to you,
Isur :D

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