Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December's Surprise

am so touched
and feel so special on every December,
Is it just the ambience,
or this is my Birthday month,
or is this a Christmas time?
and holiday season,
and family gathering for New Year's eve,
that make  me feel so blessed?

I don't know
but I treasure it all
and thank God that
I can spend and enjoy every minute of it
like this moment:
my dearest friend, Inge, who spend her holiday time in Bandung.
Meeting her @ Tablelicious, and chit chat-ing for a while.
not everytime I can see her, because she lives in SG, and for us,
we also can't meet everyday due to our daily schedule too.
with my campus friend, Sari, too!
now Sari has been running her own Kumon @ Buahbatu, so
meeting her on her busy schedule is so precious too!
we three was used to  have so much good time @ STIEB
and this is just like the old days.

or a rare moment like this.
Me, Alice and Ria in Bandung for Alice's scrapbook class.
and 2 days after that, Alice came again to Bandung for
Ria's Christmas album class.
such a joy !

another photo shoots (again in this year) @ Tizi's with my TOELS

I found so much fun using Hipstamatic and Instagram this month!
makes my photo looks cool, don't you think?
my early christmas gift from Kiki Palar,
my friend from Facebook.
it is such a treasure having those cute labels.
I promise to use it properly and artfully of course.
thank you Ki! *smooch!

surprise early birthday gift from Alice.
how thoughful, that she gave me this  dreamy Chocolate Rain tote bag.
oooh cii! *start crying
it is so unbelievably cute! I LOOOVE IT SOOOO MUCH

*smooooooch the very big one for Casey, Kiki's daughter*

cute lil tag from Alice.
I love this matroyska!

wishes for me.
*teary eyes
*gorilla hugs for Alice

lovely birthday tag from Ria.
I just love having her lovely handmade tag for my birthday.
and the wishes. I will Ri. *super size hugs
thank you Ri for always give me wings, to eager me
pursuing my dreams!
I owe you a lifetime for this support!

being surrounded by birthday presents.
the oh so cute things, that my dearest friends picked for me.
I appreciate for the time they had spent, and
carefully picked one by one of my favorites.
saying thank you million times isn't enough I think.
how thoughful, *sobbing
BIG THANK YOUUU for you two,

a lil bit closer look.
how can you not falling in love with this?
*starting to cry again

birdie tray.
*have a really loud heartbeating

that's a story before christmas come
its a magical season for me in every December.
and all I want to do is just freeze this time
a lil bit longer, or make it eternal
by posting this story.
not to make you jealous
but much that I believe, 
that there's a magic moment for everyone in December.
am so sure bout it.
just feel and listen to your very heart.

"The best things in life aren't things.
for me, 
That means my hubby and my adorable kid,
who always support me, and help me when I'm down,
my mom who always believe in me,
that from her I learned a lot about living a life,
having oh so many wonderful persons 
 I can call them FRIENDS in my life,
it really completes me!"

Happy December everyone.
so that's my story
make your story too!

much love, joy, hope, happiness to you all.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

story of 2011

since 2009, I always make an annual album to remind me what a journey I've been through.

Just completed "2011" last night, and can't wait to post it. *grin

enjoy the story
and urge you to make yours too

the cover

quotes behind the cover, it says:
Life is like a roller coaster,
it has ups and downs

the back cover quotes,
says: its your choice
to scream or enjoy the Ride!
the accordion album, with envelopes to storing tags
i loove tags!

1 tag for 1 month.
I use the tag for storing photos of the month.

or you can write a journaling behind the card.
this tag storing about 4 photos, just make mini page and attach it to the tag.
open it, and put more photos , right?

or you can put about 8 photos in 1 tag by doing the waterfall system.

see? 8 photos when you pull the tab. so FUN

make paper easle behind the photos, so you can flap the photos
and attach another photo behind the front photo

see? the unseen paper easle make you flap the photo easily.
and don't forget to always make some journaling too.
help my memory by journaling this in future years, I think. haha
story, story and story.
all about the moments I've been through.
someday when I open it again, it will bring the
good feelings

like my cousin's wedding
hey, it happened only once in the lifetime, right.
and its so good I can make it eternal in my album.

a story about my son's new hobby
name it from Smurf Village Game on iPhone,
comics, stationery, the 3D film that release this year.
what a SMURFY year, really!
or a story about my newborn niece, Valerie
save the memory, or I'll be sorry when its gone, right?

this album material taken from Crate Paper-Portrait Collections, and  Prima Marketing Inc. for flowers, and a lil' trinket from Tim Holtz.

well, so far that's my story until November.
still sorting photos of the best moments for December.

thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

productive week :D

I made 3 layouts last week
so productive, don't ya think? 

well, the first layout was for my client's new born baby
she ordered bunny box from me for one month celebration of his son
and this bunny box is cutiest, EVER, I ever made 
and since I know that she design everything for this box, 
I just want to make the embellishment of her own design bunny stay remembered
by applying to the page layout.
and also the pom pom, don't you think it makes all the layout so personal?
hope she like it, really
and thank you, for believing us to make the boxes for you, 
such an unforgetable experience, really..

and this is the bunny box I am talking about,

so cute..look at bunny's tail!

and the second layout is:

yes, its the latest line of Webster's Pages, a Botanical Christmas
am falling in love for the first time, really
since I waited for the perfect Christmas papers
 to fit my Christmas project this year
and YES
this time my heart choose Webster's Pages
and suddenly I can make a layout, about 2 hours only.
yaaaayyy.. *happy for myself..hehe

and this is the third layout 
Me and You
how could you not love the Crate Paper, Random's Collection?
love the playful color
and the flower
the vibrant color.
love, love, love!

and that's all.
my productive weeks
and now, I think I need some break before making another one.

thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

being confident

last night I was having fun playing with my acrylic paint
I have an abandoned pretreated canvas for about 3 years
found it at the corner of the room, lol, so I grab it and 
add it with more layering before I start sketched a figure of a girl.

here's the result
Meet the Confident Girl
more close up:
the title

I added a folding flower from Sassafras, and it is so fit as her  cap
I love this girl
so much like me..hehe
sometimes inside of me I still think who I used to be
I used to be not confident at all 
and tend trying to be someone else
as I am growing older,
I have no choice instead becoming me
to accept "me"
and now I am brave enough to say no 
and brave enough to show the real me
where I was too shy and stand behind the curtain wall
and now, it is so OK for me if you don't agree with me too
because everybody is a unique one
and that is including me

so that why I call my painting:
"Now she finally make friend with herself"

be confident, whoever you are.

a lil' story bout myself 
by Isur

Saturday, October 1, 2011

art journaling

this is the art journaling I recently made
somekind of my reflection few weeks back
well, I can't expect life have always to be perfect, right?

and when I found this quote,
my heart just beat a lil' faster
seems like it is kind of reminder from Him

well, I just have to be more surrender
and let God do the rest for me.
for as long as I keep trying and moving forward,
I believe that He has a good plan on me.
whatever the plan is.

Yes, life didn't promise to be wonderful
but with Him, I find my life will be have a 
wonderful way to live with.

and so after that, my heart just guided me
to grab my pretreated paper and do the rest of it.

thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

doing something I call ART

weeww...been a while not updating this blog.
hehe..must admit that within this 2 months, I had been making real scrap
from my leftover stash in my desk.

I fall in love with Art Journaling since 2009, but must admit in these 2 years,
I've been distracted to many interests like making mini albums, creating project
for my private class, was being on the scrapbook class too (which I was just doing
 the empty album without filling one single photo  (sigh) ,
 doing my daily packaging business, running an online store, 
 hehe.., and the oh so many browsing through  Facebook, 
searching for online store who sell scrapbooking supplies. *grin

And for now I realize, that now I'm officially become a  "scrapbook shopaholic".
oh my..
I realized that I have too many of papers, embellishment, charms, that I just COLLECT
and not making any of my collections becoming something artfully for myself.

and these 2 months, I call myself back to where my first love of scrapbooking was.
that is ART JOURNALING and everything related to it.
having fun playing with mediums, ooooh it is soo relaxing for me!

here's what lately I've been making.

my very first ATC, hosted by my crafter friend Dwita Siregar, for swapping.
the theme was FRIENDSHIP

this time I play with distress ink, trying new technique call RESIST, 
maximizing my stamp collections too, 
and looking to my leftover DMC floss 
just make me grab my needle and playing with it.
and now I'm waiting patiently to other participant ATC's 
from Mr. Postman. hehe

and now, I signed up to my scrapper friend Claudine Patricia's class,
who have been running Art Journaling class at Tobucil, Bandung
I really excited for this class, since as a medium maniac,
I can share with others who have same hobby.
so relax since I can create something for myself only.

this is my part of Altered Tin, 
the theme is "It's all about Me"

the idea was just I want to put somekind like vignette photo,
I cut myself my handrawn silhoutte of a lady (in this case is Me),
altered with glimmer mist, acrylic paint, leftover embellishment,
and just let my heart  rules my hand after that.

and then, something accrossed my mind when I was applying glossy accent to the silhoutte.
hey..why not playing with masking while the glossy accent had not been fully dried.
so I attach my swirl masking to the hair section, and realized I was having fun making some 
texture to the hair. and then alcohol ink, I think I just want to coloring the hair, so the texture 
will be more pop up.
something happened! I poured too much of alcohol ink. *sigh
but not my nature if I can't fix it. hehehe
so I make this lady a hat, and giving her 3 petal of roses. 
heeey..she's more stylish now, don't you think? hehehe

here's the final result of the cover 

well, that's all for today.
I will coming back with details tomorrow.

thanks for stopping by, 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

handmade bindery album, the result

remember my last  post about bindery album?
well, here's a link about handmade bindery album, and here's a finish album about my last trip...yeaaaayy
feels sooo happy to share this with you, since it contains lots of photos and memorabilia..
see? super thick for me..LOL
a lil exhausted, so I have to take a deep breath before starting another project..haha


phiiiuh..that's all! 
have a great day everyone !
love, Isur